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Roll Rite

The Roll Rite roller grill features innovative oval-shaped rollers to prevent foods from getting stuck, with a textured surface that grips the product and keeps it continuously turning. From burritos and egg rolls to stuffed breadsticks and more, the Roll Rite ensures roller grill food products of all shapes and sizes are evenly cooked and attractively presented to customers. The additional Roll Rite Bun Box stacks under the unit, keeping hot dog buns and other bread products easily visible and accessible.


The Roll Rite is available in 2 unique models.

The RR-50 cooks and displays a capacity of 50 hot dog-sized menu items.
The RR-30 cooks and displays a capacity of 30 hot dog-sized menu items.

Features / Benefits


  • Oblong shape rollers ensure product won’t get stuck
  • Textured surface grips products and keeps them turning
  • Front and rear thermostat controls
  • Drip pan for easy clean-up
  • Optional dividers, canopies, and food shields available
  • Bun Box features clear doors for product visibility